Ahead of a post like this it might be advisable to give full disclosure about ones political identity so here we go: If I were American I would be voting for Hillary Clinton, the candidate I feel closest to is Bernie Sanders. The reason for this discrepancy I will give later.

But the real reason I am writing this is that it troubles me that there is no republican candidate at this point in time and it is unlikely that there will be one at all.

The Republican race was dominated by whoever has the biggest ego, is the biggest outsider or the person pulling the highest amount of media attention. The three who have emerged are all men who, at some point, have been reasonably called “unfit for the presidency”. Wether it be Ted Cruz who is putting his faith as a major driving force of his candidacy and policy, Donald Trump who I really do not need to comment on (Trevor Noah has done that excellently [1]) and Ben Carson who is, to me as a german, a familiar type of politician, the kind that puts you to sleep…

For those unfamiliar with it let me reiterate on the voting system: First the parties, in cooperation with the general public, determine who is going to be their candidate mostly using the deeply flawed First Past the Post system [2](also: Yes, this is a generalization and partly overstated!)

But with the republican candidacy so grossly overflown how can I say that there is no candidate? The Grand Old Party has always defended its support of a literal interpretation of the Constitution and now a religious zealot who wishes to support legislation on the grounds of religion (Pro-Life, Rights of homosexual citizens) also: [3] may become front-runner for the republicans.

It is common knowledge that the GOP and its members promote a (neo-)liberal policy when it comes to the economy, which makes it less moronic to embrace a candidate like Donald Trump. Trump however has been called a fascist, a moron and an egocentric jerk in the media and on solid grounds. For me as a german I have a historic sensitive mind when it comes to calling people nazi or fascicst. He does partly fit both descriptions but what can be said with certainty is that he is unaware of the implications of proposed policies and his emphasis on the US does not fit a global society and economy that we are living in. Part of the US mentality as I have encountered it is that the “American Dream”, the thought that by your own actions and merits you can achieve a multitude of what you started with, is still alive and well. I believe that this thought is a huge driver of Trumps popularity. It needs to be stated though that this is not the case with Trump, a person who achieved an appaling amount of wealth through the exploitaition of others. Even if, and thats a giant if, Trump as a president would achieve economic wellbeing of the US it will with great certainty be built on the shoulders of giants and on the merit of minorities.

The general agreement in the republican party was always to have as much liberties for the citiziens as possible and as little government intrusion as common sense allows. The current candidates are implicitly violating the very value that everyone on earth attributes with the US. The current runners in the republican race put the American values in bigger danger then the Taliban, ISIS or Al-Qaida ever could.

Even with an exemplary candidate I, personally, would still lean democrat, may it be for personal judgement or the experience of living in a social-democrat society. But there is no exemplary candidate, there isn’t even a candidate.

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FPrJxTvgdQ

[2]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7tWHJfhiyo